World Cup Ticket FAQ

This short FAQ is intended to address some of the questions which have consistently arisen in the confusion over the ticketing of World Cup. Any further concerns should be emailed to Tournament Director Matthew Guenzel, who will get back to you with all due haste. His email is

How many tickets will be available?

In total, 1500 tickets will be available for booking in advance. More tickets will be available for sale on the day, but we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

When and how will tickets be released?

Tickets will be released in waves on the World Cup website. The first wave will be released on May 4th, at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10), and consist of 250 tickets. The second wave will be released on May 15th, at 8pm Central European Summer Time (GMT +2), and consist of 250 tickets. The third and final wave will be released on May 22nd, at 8pm Central Time (GMT -6), and consist of the remaining 1000 tickets.

How much will tickets cost?

Read the full breakdown of ticket packages.

How does the ticketing system work?

When you go through the ticket purchasing system, you will reserve the ticket(s). You will then receive a confirmation email that you have secured your ticket(s). You will then be required to pay with reasonable deadlines once the current financial obstacles are surpassed.

Will volunteers need tickets?

No, volunteers will not need tickets.

When will we know if we’re volunteering or not?

We will get back to you within a week of volunteer signups closing. This will give you plenty of time before the first wave of tickets are released.

I already booked flights, what if I don’t get tickets?

If you booked flights before the announcement on 27 March and don’t get tickets through the conventional system, get in touch with Matthew Guenzel via email.

My significant other / family member is playing on a national team, and I want to support them. Do I get priority on tickets?

Not as the system currently stands. We are currently looking into a system where this might be possible, but have not reached a decision at the current time. We will keep everyone updated as and when we do.

Will I be able to buy tickets on the day?

Yes, a certain number of tickets will be available for purchase on the day. However, to avoid disappointment we recommend booking in advance.