World Cup Expansion Fund

The International Quidditch Association is proud to announce that in preparation for World Cup 2016 this summer, it will be launching a brand new initiative, The World Cup Expansion Fund, to increase participation on an international stage by Emerging Areas and Developing Members.

There will be a fair application process, which will be open to all quidditch national governing bodies across the world; including member leagues, developing members and emerging areas. The applications will be reviewed by the World Cup organising team, in collaboration with the IQA’s Executive Team. A maximum of two nations will be selected for the initiative for World Cup 2016.

Applications should include:

  • A covering letter explaining why the National Governing Body should be selected for the fund.
  • A strategic plan detailing how attendance at the World Cup will assist growth in the nation, and what the National Governing Body will be doing to support this growth. This should be no more than five pages.
  • A budget for how the National Governing Body intends on spending the fund. This should include quotes for flights, accommodation and other necessities as required.

After making the selection, IQA administrative staff will work collaboratively with the selected partner organisations to create an effective crowdfunding campaign aimed at the wider quidditch community. The campaign will aim to raise €1000, to be split equally between the partner organisations. The IQA will also meet however much is raised by the campaign – meaning if the campaign reaches its target of €1000, the IQA will also donate €1000 to be split equally between the partner organisations. If the campaign exceeds this target, the IQA will continue to meet it, up to a maximum of €1500.

Applications for the fund will open on January 1st 2016. Applications will close on January 21st. Applicants will find out if they have been selected by February 1st, with the kickstarting aiming to be launched in late February.