Updates: World Cup Policies and Location, Management Shuffle

In an effort to improve transparency, the IQA would like to take this opportunity on the first of April to make some major announcements related to World Cup and our organizational management.

After significant deliberation and in response to the wants and needs of our community, the IQA has decided to move the location of World Cup 2016 to South Carolina, United States.

South Carolina’s excellent weather, proud history of major quidditch events, and palmettos make it an ideal location for our largest event. The facility will have many palmettos as well as easy access to public transportation and hotels. We are confident that this move will allow players to have an even better experience from as they compete for glory on the world stage.

“We are all extremely glad to be working with such a passionate hosts, and to use this opportunity to bring our sport to new eyes in the southeastern United States,” said IQA Executive Director Harrison Homel, “We believe that South Carolina, often called the gateway to the world, will be a perfect location for the players and fans of the global quidditch community to meet next July as we crown our newest World Champion!”

It is with great sadness that we must also announce that Executive Director Harrison Homel has been removed from his position, effective immediately. Former US Quidditch CEO Alex Benepe, pledging to “Make quidditch great again,” and also inexplicably speaking at length about building a wall, accepted the Board of Trustees’s nomination to fill the vacancy. Congress President Brian Gallaway expressed great enthusiasm for the change of leadership and the new direction heralded by Benepe’s rise.

Homel’s final decision as Executive Director was to finalize the IQA’s policy on tickets and prices for World Cup. At his great insistence, all tickets will be free. However, only seven will be released. Our staff have hidden these tickets in PVC pipes all around the world. The lucky seven who find them will be flown directly to South Carolina to watch quidditch teams from around the world compete for victory. Admission to the event is only possible with one of these tickets. We wish all individuals the best of luck.