Referee Development Team Policies

As announced a few months ago, the International Referee Development Program (IRDP) has become the IQA Referee Development Team (IQA RDT) and folded all of its previous operations within the governing body of international quidditch. It has taken some time to fully incorporate this group and their online presence, but we are happy to now make some announcements and clarify our policies going forward.

To do so, a hypothetical Q&A.;

Why this incorporation?

We believe this evolution is what is best for quidditch worldwide. It will enable the IQA to offer services it was seeking to provide; facilitate the RDT members’ work; avoid recruitment conflicts; and clarify the situation on the international stage. It should also relieve the team from some of the operations that slowed its other projects down.

What does it mean in terms of resources?

This evolution will not change anything when it comes to training tools provided to referees worldwide. The IQA Referee Development Team will create written tests for Assistant Referees, Snitch Referees and Head Referees, as well as guides for good refereeing. The IRDP had started to create video guides for close calls and will keep working on those in the future. New tools and material will be developed, the same way it would have been otherwise.

Our referee directory will stay in place and the ability to provide feedback and reviews will remain. This creates a free-to-use referee database, with features that will be developed and fine-tuned along the way to accommodate the needs of various National Governing Bodies.

All tests and referee resources are available here.

What about certifications?

The new certification process is simple: the IQA RDT creates tools while NGBs decide on their own referees’ obligations when it comes to certification. This means that a league might decide that, in order to be a head referee in their territory, an individual needs only pass the IQA RDT Assistant Referee and Snitch Referee tests. Or, alternatively, that they need to pass an AR and SR test created by their own Gameplay Department, before taking the IQA RDT Head Referee test. Permutations are endless, though the IQA RDT will suggest a standardised way of proceeding.

Referees at all international events governed by the IQA will be required to have passed the IQA exam commensurate to their position on the field by the time of the match. More stringent requirements may be in place for some IQA events, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The IQA RDT will not field test any referee, but will work on a variety of field test rubrics to help NGBs structure their own practical examinations. It will also be developing new certification options that promises to increase overall quality for all players and officials. Meanwhile, on the ground training sessions are anticipated where requested, whenever funds and manpower allow.

What about the fees?

We have developed a new system of payments in line with the IQA’s membership structure. Fees go towards operating costs associated with the online testing, and towards improving the IQA’s gameplay services internationally.

To begin with, in the interest of improving quidditch officiating worldwide, all written and filmed referee resources for all positions will be free and available to any interested party. They can be found here, and will continue to be expanded.

Developing and Member NGBs in good standing will receive access to the current Assistant and Snitch Referee tests for free as an additional benefit incorporated in their existing annual dues. Referees in these leagues will be required to pay a discounted 15 Euro(or the equivalent thereof in other currencies) fee for four attempts at the Head Referee exam.

Meanwhile, interested referees from Emerging Areas (or Developing or Member NGBs found not in good standing) will be required to pay 5 Euro (or the equivalent thereof in other currencies) for six attempts at the Snitch and Assistant Referee tests, and 20 Euro for four attempts at the Head Referee exam.

Exams and resources based on the previous rulebook will remain available online, and those still holding credits for Rulebook 8 exams will be able to use them for those tests. Tests for the current rulebook require a new purchase.

What happens to contracts?

No more contracts. All agreements are now handled by way of membership in the IQA. This will allow the RDT to focus on creating and updating its materials, without worrying about negotiating minute details of individual agreements, and gives member NGBs one more benefit to IQA membership.

Further questions can be directed to RDT Coordinator Cory Faniel.

We are very excited about the future of officiating under this new arrangement, and look forward eagerly to future developments from the Referee Development Team!