Peru Update

The World Cup Organising Team, and the IQA Board of Trustees would like to express their deep regret in announcing that team Peru has officially dropped out of this year’s World Cup. Team Peru confirmed their non-attendance on the 11th of July.

Both the WCOT and the IQA made all possible efforts to support Team Peru in their attempt to attend World Cup. Due to lack of official communication from team Peru, the IQA was unable to consider making extra funds available.

The tournament structure will largely stay unchanged. Team Peru will be dropped from their respective pool without a redrawing of the pools. Therefore a single five team pool will be present among the other four team pools. An updated graphic of the tournament structure will be uploaded shortly.

The IQA is committed to working with member nations to facilitate growth and development by providing monetary assistance upon request. We hope to welcome Peru, Uganda, and other developing nations onto the international stage in the near future.