Literacy and A Love of Reading

Literacy, A Love of Reading, and Quidditch

The successful adaptation of a magical, fictional sport into a highly competitive game is unique to quidditch. This foundation has ensured literacy promotion as an integral part of our organization. Regardless of sporting experience, literacy provides power, agency, and opportunity. Beyond that, a fostered love of reading is a gateway to countless worlds, ideas, and passions that one might otherwise never experience. We have seen firsthand the power books have to change the lives of individuals around the world, and we believe that every young person should have the opportunity and the encouragement to pick up not just a broom, but also a book. We are therefore dedicated to providing as many chances for both as possible. Through our member leagues, players, and fans, we work to provide young people around the world with books, and to support their interest in the written word.

The International Quidditch Association’s dedication to literacy is making a difference on a regular basis in the lives of children and adults internationally.

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