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IQA World Cup 2016

Bid Guidelines

The International Quidditch Association(IQA) organises and governs the real-life sport of quidditch worldwide. It oversees regular events to promote competition and its social mission throughout the world.

The IQA’s most recent event, European Games, saw 12 teams competing for glory. Sarteano, Italy, played host to over 500 players and spectators for the two day event. In partnership with l’Ombrico Cultural Association and the City of Sarteano, the event was a resounding success for local business, competing teams, and the sport itself. It received global news coverage and extremely positive feedback.

The IQA World Cup is a biannual tournament open to national teams selected by any of the Association’s eligible leagues around the world. It is the premiere international quidditch event.

World Cup 2016 will take place over two days on a weekend in June, July, or August (to be determined by the availability of our host). All bids that meet the event’s minimum requirements will be considered. Bids may be submitted by member national leagues or by cities independently. Detailed bid packages outlining the facilities and services offered must be submitted via email to IQA Executive Director Harrison Homel no later than 15 October.

The Bid Package must include:

For serious consideration, Bid Packages should also provide:

Submitted bids meeting these requirements will be reviewed on a rolling basis, though no decision will be made before October 31. We look forward to all submissions!

Download the Bid Guidelines as a PDF

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