Hiring Announcement

Nicole Hammer is the IQA’s new Executive Assistant. She will be assisting the IQA’s Executive Director, Harrison Homel in various tasks and other duties as assigned.

Nicole will have her Bachelor’s in Social Work as of August. She currently interns in the City of Orlando’s Parramore Kidz Zone, which is a non-profit agency that helps at-risk youth. She is a Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity and a Sister of Sigma Alpha Iota Women’s Music Fraternity .

Nicole began quidditch in 2011 when she jokingly told her university that she was captain of the school’s quidditch team and then her team became a reality. Since then, she has held President and Vice President roles for 3 different quidditch teams and she is currently the President of the Florida Quidditch Conference.

In her free time, you can find her going on some kind of adventure, telling her stuffed animals she loves them, and doing light political work.