First IQA Congress Meeting, President of the Congress Elected

The first IQA Congress meeting was held over two sessions, on 28th August and 4th September. Minutes will be published soon, but the primary focus of these meetings was establishing how the congress would function and the structure and focuses of the IQA going forward. One of the main points of order was electing a president and secretary of the congress. The president and secretary are there to chair and document the congress meetings, and to assist the Executive Director in various tasks as and when appropriate.

The position of secretary is still open, as nobody stood for it, and this issue will hopefully be resolved in the next congress meeting. There were two people nominated for the role of president – Matthew Guenzel from QuidditchUK, nominated by USQ’s Alicia Radford and AQA’s Eva Anastasia, and David Danos from Benelux, nominated by FQA’s Hugo Spahr and AIQ’s Michele Clabassi. The vote took place on the second half of the congress meeting, after the candidates had given speeches during the first. The voting was done in blocks as nations anonymously, and the outcome was 12-2 in favour of Guenzel.

Guenzel says he is excited to assist in the future of the IQA. “It’s a fantastic opportunity, and I strongly believe I have the skills and the drive to establish the role of President of the Congress.” Guenzel will be keeping his role as Vice President at QuidditchUK, but will be stepping down as a QuidditchUK delegate, to be replaced by Melanie Piper, QuidditchUK’s Teams Director.

The next congress meeting will be held in November. There are currently a large amount of job openings for IQA, so if you want to get involved, make sure to apply for one of those positions!