Committees of Congress

The Congress shall have the authority to create standing and temporary committees to manage the work of the IQA. Standing and temporary committees shall be created by normal vote of the IQA Congress. Standing and temporary committees shall be comprised of members of the Congress, relevant Administrative Staff and outside experts as appropriate.

Chairpeople must be members of the Congress. Committee chairpeople shall be nominated by the President of the Congress and approved by the Congress as a whole.

Standing Committees:

IQA QDI Development Committee

This committee advises Congress regarding the Quidditch Development Index (QDI). QDI is used to determine whether nations meet the requirements as Member NGBs or Developing NGBs, and determines the number of delegates that each NGB will have in Congress.

Committee Chair: Hannah Monty
Email: hannah.194@hotmail.com

Members: Michele Clabassi, Brian Gallaway, Elisabeth Jørstad, Alberto Santillan

IQA Events Committee

The Events Committee advises Congress on matters concerning official IQA events. This can include specifying which events to host, the international events calendar, and a bidding process for each event.

Committee Chair: Sarah Woolsey
Email: sarah.woolsey@usquidditch.org

Members: Rebecca Alley, Kai Shaw, Jill Staniec, Sequoia Thomas, Matthew Guenzel

IQA Rules Committee

The purpose of the Standing Committee on Rules is to create, maintain, and enforce a single international rules standard for international competition. Additionally the committee should be prepared at request to review major rules changes in national governing body rulebooks and approve or recommend alterations as necessary to keep every nation operating within a similar if not identical rules set. The committee will achieve both of these tasks by reviewing the matter at hand, discussing options, conducting surveys as necessary, and ultimately putting official recommendations to the IQA congress for voting approval to formalize new rules or decisions on national governing body rules.

Committee Chair: Jill Staniec
Email: jill.staniec@quidditchcanada.com

Members: Chris Beesley, James Burnett, Dan Hanson, Eamonn Harrison, James Hosford, Eric Schnier, Ema Chiroma-Chao

IQA Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nomincations and Elections Committee will oversee the election process for the board of trustees.

Committee Chair: Chris Daw
Email: chris.daw@quidditchcanada.com

Members:Nicholas Oughtibridge, Alicia Radford

Regional Committees

IQA European Committee

The European Committee deals with issues concerning Europe. This can include standards for cross-border play on the continent, overseeing the European Quidditch Cup (a championship for European club teams), and other areas of collaboration between European NGBs.

Committee Chair: Melanie Piper
Email: president@quidditchuk.org

Executive Manager: Rebecca Alley
Secretary: Felix Linsmeier
Members: Lukas Linser, Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes, Marc Garganté, Baptiste Julien Blandet, Nina Heise, Jerona van der Gevel, Jørgen Helgeland Stenløkk, Jagoda Sadecka, Yeray Espinosa, Alper Erişen

PanAmerican Committee

The PanAmerican Committee deals with issues concerning (the continent) America. This can include standards for cross-border play on the continent, overseeing the PanAmerican Quidditch Cup (a championship for PanAmerican club teams), and other areas of collaboration between PanAmerican NGBs.

Committee Chair: Alberto Santillán
Email: alberto.santillan@quidditch.mx

Asia-Oceania Committee

The European Committee deals with issues concerning Asia-Oceania.

Committee Chair: n/a
Email: n/a

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